Avi player for Mac

People who are fairly new to the experience of owning a Mac, would definitely be wondering what could possibly be the best AVI player for Mac. There are a number of available free AVI players for Mac devices, but not all of the downloadable apps and tools work well with the Mac OS. For those who can’t do without their daily dose of music, videos and movies, it would be useful to examine closely the following recommendations. Here are some useful tidbits of information with regard to AVI players that work admirably with the sleek Mac devices that you’ve just purchased. Discover for yourself what could be the best AVI player today for Mac.

The Perian-QuickTime Combo

Apple Inc. is the developer of QuickTime, and so this multimedia player is now bundled with OS X. (It also comes with the package with Windows OS). QuickTime is definitely quite capable of handling many different formats and that is why is usually suffices for basic audio-video requirements. It can handle picture files as well. This multimedia tool is not as versatile as some users would want it to be, though.

Avi player for mac

For that reason, it has been popular practice to supplement QuickTime with Perian so that Mac devices can play AVI files. Perian plays a number of formats that QuickTime does not support. Perian is a plug-in that is quite easy to install. However, QuickTime 7 has the ability to play AVI files without Perian. This older version can be used with the latest Mac devices, for as long as the user does not mind using more archaic QuickTime version.

Wondershare Download

There are those who do not warm up to QuickTime for some reason and they choose to download other video players. One of the most popular options out there is Wondershare Player. All the AVI files that QuickTime failed to play find no difficulty running in Wondershare. This is a smart program that is very powerful at the same time.

Wondershare for Mac

Wondershare is capable of playing a wide range of audio-video formats, and not just AVI. Many Mac users consider Wondershare as a must-have tool because they also like its intuitive design. The tool also provides subtitles for those who prefer or require the feature in their video playback apps.

The “universal” VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player, a cross-platform open source tool is one of the top contenders no matter what OS is in use. Aside from the fact that is works for most video formats all the time and even plays DVDs and CDs, VLC is absolutely free. That is perhaps one of the reasons why it is very popular even among Mac users. It converts and streams at very fast speeds. Some of VLC’s most attractive features are: media playlists, audio equalizer that is built in, customizable keyboard shortcuts, and customized playback features such as cropping, de-interlacing, and video filters.

VLC Player for Mac

VLC Media Player has complex features that computer savvy users can maximize, though it takes a while to figure out the more complicated operations. But it is also very easy to operate if the user is satisfied to just click on the play button to watch a movie. Video playback is still VLC’s strongest features and many competitors fail to follow suit.

Other options

MPlayerX may not be as generally popular as the other programs mentioned above, but it gets the job done. Because of its utility, many Mac users prefer to download and install it. Once the MPlayerX Mac AVI app is downloaded, users can play a variety of formats without any glitches, although some users report a lag during operations. Another good enough option is Movist. The reason why it is not as popular as the others is because there are bugs and glitches that are quite a disappointment to users.